Atlantis Series 1

A world of legendary heroes and mythical creatures

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Vine FX brought to life a world of legendary heroes and mythical creatures with the magic of visual effects. Atlantis was shot on location in Morocco and at a studio space near Chepstow in Wales.

Vine FX was awarded the task of supplying around 1100 shots across 13 episodes including a fantastical array of CG creatures, Atlantian environments and FX simulations.


The Vine FX team worked closely with Producers Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy (Merlin and Sugar Rush) on shots ranging from fully CG creatures to whole digital environments.

The numerous creature builds included a two headed lizard, a Minotaur, Satyrs, the Furies, a Harpie, the Campe, Medusa, Kynikos a large wolf creature and sword fighting skeletons.

The environments included the Throne room, a Temple Courtyard, The Temple of Posiedon, the Temple of Dionysus, a CG submarine in a fully immersive underwater environment and a multitude of views of Atlantis.

Vine FX sculpted, modeled and animated nine mythical creatures using industry-leading tools like 3d coat, XSI, Maya and ZBrush for perfecting muscles and deformations. In-house rigging systems were developed to cope with the challenges of the complex skeletal structures of the quadrupedal two-headed lizard, bipedal Minotaur, Satyrs and the winged Harpie.

To produce intricate facial expressions for the Satyrs and Campe characters, Vine FX looked to Dimensional Imaging 4d, to deliver motion captured pointcache animation data. The actor, wearing the facial prosthetic, gave a fully nuanced performance which was selected by the editorial department. The data captured from that performance was applied to the CG model. Ten24 provided a high res 3D scan of the actor in prosthetic makeup, using the 30 camera photogrammetry rig which was stitched onto a 3D mesh topology.

Vine FX continues to expand and develop its innovative vfx techniques for Atlantis series two.

Production Company
Urban Myth Films
Executive Producers
Julian Murphy
Johnny Capps
Howard Overman
Associate Producer
Gareth Williams
Visual Effects by VINE FX
Visual Effects Supervisor
Michael Illingworth
3d Supervisor
Ivor Middleton
Visual Effects Producer
Clare Norman
Visual Effects Coordinators
Annabel Wright
Martin Lake
Pipeline TD
Ramin Kamal
Systems Support
Chris Hyman
Lead Character AR
Lighting and Creature Look Development Lead
Thomas Mueller
Lighting and Environment Look Development Lead
Robin Huffer
Lead Animator
Virgil Manning
Lead Creature TD
Sally Goldberg
Creature TD
Adam Burnett
Steve Brown
Andrea Falcone
Rachel Ward
3D Generalist
Jeff North
Tim Potter
FX Animator
Matthew Mckinney
Alex Galan
Mark Stepanek
Matchmove & Layout
Elliot Staker
Concept Artist & Environment TD
Dante Harbridge Robinson
Digital Matte Painters
James Furlong
Audrius Urbonavius
Doug Winder
Katarzyna Ancuta
Peter Blackburn
Kia Coates
Steve Bray
David Emeny
Elysia Greening
John Hardwick
Matt Plummer
Antonio Rodriguez-diaz
Foad Shar
Ben Turner
Anthony Webb
Tom Whittington