Atlantis Series 2

A world of legendary heroes and mythical creatures

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A fantasy drama set in an ancient world of legendary heroes and mythical creatures.

Vine FX is once again the sole provider of visual effects for the second series of Atlantis.

The team are busy creating environments, creatures and matte paintings for series two, building on the success of the first. The show is more complex and layered both in plot and effects.


The Vine FX team worked closely with Producers Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy on shots ranging from fully CG creatures and environments to battle scenes, matte paintings and fx.

The second series looks and feels cinematic with fully 3D environments extending the scale of the scenes, immersing the viewer in the drama and enriching their experience of the mythological city.

Atlantis is alive with CG creatures in Episodes 1 and 2 with a flying dragon-like Harpie, modeled in Zbrush and rigged using in-house character pipeline, and the Cyclops with its complex skin textures created using Mari and Zbrush, hair generated in Yeti, and all rendered in Arnold with Vine FX custom shaders.
CG Environments include a network of city streets, a kit of Atlantian houses, Royal palaces, Temples, Courtyard and an amphitheatre.

Production Company
Urban Myth Films
Executive Producers
Julian Murphy
Johnny Capps
Howard Overman
Gareth Williams
Vine FX
Visual Effects Supervisor
Michael Illingworth
CG Supervisor
Ivor Middleton
Visual Effects Producer
Clare Norman
Visual Effects Line Producer
Martin Lake
Visual Effects Coordinator
Annabel Wright
Lead Character Artist
Lon Krung
Lead CG Artists
Matt McKinney
Thomas Mueller
Robin Huffer
Lead Animator
Virgil Manning
Lead Creature TD
Sally Goldberg
Steve Brown
Rachel Ward
CG Artist
Tim Potter
Alex Betancourt
Mark Stepanek
Lead Matchmove Artist
Joseph Arnold
Matchmove Artist
Richard Worsley
Jnr FX and Matchmove Artist
Owyn Abrams
Concept Artist & Environment TD
Dante Harbridge Robinson
Digital Matte Painters
James Furlong
Doug Winder
Pipeline TD & Compositor
David Emeny
Lead Compositors
Kia Coates
Sandro Henriques
Peter Blackburn
Antony Allen
Jaume Arteman
Gert Van Dermeersch
Richard Fox
Dylan Owen
Alexandra Papavramides
Antonio Rodriguez-diaz
Philip Smith
Karen Wand
Tom Whittington