Merlin Series 5

Bringing to life dragons & mythical creatures for the fantasy-drama based on Arthurian legend

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Vine FX brought to life a world of legendary wizards and mythical creatures with the magic of visual effects. The series was shot on location in Pierrefonds, France and in studios in Cardiff, Wales.

Commissioned to be the sole provider of visual effects for series 5, Vine FX worked closely with producers Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps to deliver film-quality VFX, featuring creatures, digital matte paintings and environments.


Vine FX delivered 720 shots across 13 episodes with CG creatures through to digital doubles, 3D butterflies, swords and daggers, plus dynamic effects and multiple set extensions and matte paintings.

The team created two entirely new creatures, the white dragon Aithusa and the Euchdag, a 400-year-old humanoid creature with a jellyfish-like translucent glow.

The legendary environments included castle exteriors, medieval settlements, palace interiors, landscapes and multiple views of Camelot.

The Merlin production crew benefited from bringing Vine FX supervisors on set working as the in-house visual effects department. By considering all stages of the production and post-production, the team were able to work on multiple assets and episodes simultaneously.

Vine FX founder and VFX supervisor Michael Illingworth said “By being immersed in the show we could experience the set, characters and actors which really helped as many of the effects are very unique mythical and magical beings and we could also adapt designs accordingly.”

Source: Animation World Network
Vine Creates Digital Magic for BBC's Merlin