War Of The Worlds 2

The second series of War Of The Worlds, in production with Urban Myth Films

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The characters are left reeling by the possibility that the invaders could be human. A tense fight to take back the planet awaits them!


It’s six months after the initial attack and Bill has discovered more and more about the aliens. Most shocking of all are the undeniable similarities between the humans and the aliens – but Bill can’t find any possible explanation. And most similar of all to the aliens is Emily. But just what is her strange connection to the alien invaders?

Production Company
Urban Myth Films
Executive Producers
Howard Overman
Julian Murphy
Gilles Coulier
Adam Knopf
Richard Clark
Ben A. Williams
Gilles Coulier
Post Production Supervisor
Liz Pearson
Vine FX
Visual Effects Supervisor
Michael Illingworth
2D Supervisor
Ezequiel Villaneva
CG Supervisor
Pedrom Dadgostar
Visual Effects Producer
Laura Usaite
Line Producer
Kaitlyn Beattie
Visual Effects Coordinator
Gabi Kaziukonyte
Visual Effects Editor
Katie Dose
Digital Matte Painter
Doug Winder
Ezequiel Villanueva
Alesja Surubkina
Suresh Ramasamy
Marko Perendija
Miguel Montserrat
Laura Sanchez Acosta
Pan Vafeiadis
Lewis Wright
Georgi Nikolov
Mark Tremble
Maria Milena
Richard Fox
David Singer
Roy Peker
Sonny Pye
Luciano Lopes
Felipe Olid
Rob Rankin
Brett Margules
Emily Lim Sarrias
Amanda Bone
David Capon
Eidy Knowles
Iain Pillinger