Creating visual effects for film and television, Vine FX is an artist led studio

Vine FX offers a full range of visual effects services including creature design, digital matte painting, compositing, CG environments, FX, concept art and storyboarding. With a pragmatic and inventive approach, Vine FX can handle entire productions, working collaboratively with clients to ensure delivery is on time and on budget.



Vine FX is a BAFTA and RTS nominated visual effects company in Cambridge founded by Michael Illingworth. It has been moving around of late, operating out of various cutting rooms in London as well setting up on-set at Leavesden Studios. Most recently the company has expanded into a new 2,000 sq ft VFX studio, doubling its capacity to 30 artists. Vine FX is successfully managing a team of in-house and remote artists throughout the pandemic and delivering work for shows like The Serpent (BBC/Netflix), War of the Worlds (Canal+/Fox), Soulmates (AMC), The One (Netflix).

Vine FX was founded by VFX supervisor Michael Illingworth in 2007.

Our hands-on approach lead by a skilled team of artists ensures that every VFX discipline is crafted with creativity and integrity.
With this wealth of experience and knowledge Vine FX collaborates creatively with clients to design, manage and deliver the very best visual effects for every production.

Vine FX uses the latest professional VFX production tools which are expertly maintained by Escape Technology who support the studio’s ever increasing technology and security demands.

Vine FX also utilise remote stations for working with clients in suites and/or on location providing a total VFX experience.


With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the design and management of visual effects.

We offer a bespoke service working collaboratively and creatively with clients to deliver work of the highest quality. We have a fantastic team of over 40 artists and can deliver top quality result on both film and television projects.


Digital matte painting
Environments and FX
Concept Art and Storyboard
Production Services

Vine FX are expert in creating photo realistic digital creatures for film and broadcast, delivering full-functioning, animated characters from concept to final groom. A complex character pipeline of rigging tools has been developed over the past three years to deal with a volume and variety of characters.

Our creatures include bipeds, quadrupeds, winged reptilians and humanoids. The portfolio contains a Cyclops, Minotaur, chimp-like Satyrs, dust-devil Furies, scorpion-bodied old hag Campe, dragon-like Harpie, two-headed lizard, snake-headed Medusa, wolf Kynikos, sword-fighting skeletons, and Euchdag, a 400-year-old humanoid creature with a jellyfish-like translucent glow.
Tools: Maya, ZBrush, Arnold, Houdini, Yeti, Nuke and Vine FX character pipeline rigging tools

Talented matte painters craft digital paintings to create stunningly convincing fictional worlds.

Using a combination of photographic elements and traditional paint skills, our artists enhance and embellish sets and locations.
Tools: Photoshop, ZBrush, Nuke, Mari

Compositing is the art of seamlessly integrating multiple elements into a single image, creating the illusion that they are part of the same scene.

Vine FX's lead digital compositors bring a team together across a number of shots making sure the grade marries up and artists work in sync. Our workflow and compositing pipeline has been enhanced by in-house developers to ensure artists work effectively and creatively.
Tools: Nuke, Python, Flame

Vine FX creates digital environments and scene extensions using a combination of reference photography, digital matte painting, 2.5D and full CG environments.

Experts at creating naturalistic FX for elements like fire, water, wind with complex particle and fluid simulations as well as creating explosions and dust particles.
Tools: ZBrush, Maya, nParticles, nCloth, Pulldownit, Arnold renderer

Visual development begins with concept illustrations to develop the look and texture of a scene or character.

Vine FX works collaboratively with clients, steering the build of a creature and its character development through detailed models and sketches.

Vine FX offers end-to-end production management from pre-production, on-set shoot supervision, scheduling through to final delivery.

This production service gives the client great flexibility, confidence and value as Vine FX considers every stage and simultaneously works on multiple assets and episodes.

Production team includes Vfx Producer, Line Producer, VFX Co-ordinator with tools such as Shotgrid, Filemaker, excel


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