Patrick Melrose

Based on the Patrick Melrose Novels by Edward St. Aubyn.

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Benedict Cumberbatch stars in Sky original production Patrick Melrose, a new five-part drama based on the much-loved novels by Edward St Aubyn. Adapted by David Nicholls (One Day), each episode depicts a chapter in the life of the troubled Melrose, from his abusive childhood to his drug-addled adulthood. Hugo Weaving and Jennifer Jason Leigh also feature among an outstanding ensemble cast in a tale that’s sometimes dark but always bejewelled with a sparkling wit.


Patrick flies to New York to collect his father’s ashes and goes on to spend a drug-crazed 24 hours. Vine FX transformed the streets of Glasgow into 1980's New York. They replicated period cars and extended buildings.

Also, they created CG gecko constantly appearing in every episode. During the first of his father’s assaults, young Patrick suffered an out-of-body experience and felt himself disappear into the body of a gecko which followed him in his later stages of life.

Production Company
Little Island Productions
Executive Producers
Helen Flint
Rachael Horovitz
Michael Jackson
Stephen Smallwood
Edward Berger
Vine FX
Visual Effects Supervisor
Michael Illingworth
On set VFX Supervisor
Oliver Milburn
Visual Effects Coordinator
Laura Usaite
CG Supervisor
Matt McKinney
Traditional animator
Sharon Smith
Digital Matte Painter
Paul Phippen
Adrian Banton
Simon Holden
Jasdip Sagar
Ivan Grozev
Gergana Alexandrova