Soulmates is an American television anthology series created by William Bridges and Brett Goldstein

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In the very near future, a test is developed that incontrovertibly lets a person know who their soulmate is. The new science is clear, and no matter a person's current relationship status, whether they are single, dating, or even married, this test will unmistakably point a person in the direction of their actual, scientifically determined soulmate. People in long-term relationships should not be content in believing they've already made the right choice. Even if a person seems to be deep in love with their current partner, this test may just prove that they are mistaken. After all, science knows best.


The well-anticipated show is set in 2035 so subtle futuristic technology was required throughout and Vine FX was tasked with this challenge. Founder & VFX Supervisor, Michael Illingworth and his team worked closely alongside the show's Co-Producers, to craft the look and feel of the technology in order to bring Bridges and Goldstein's creative vision to life. With the help of MGFX collaborators Revolver, Momoco, and Andy Bottomley, technology met the brief of ‘modern-day futuristic’, clean, understated, and authentic - visual effects were integrated naturally into the story without distracting from the unfolding narratives.

A large number of VFX involved screen replacements for a host of devices including mobile phones, fridges, tablets, and monitors with transparent displays. On top of this, the team created firework and gore enhancements as well as digital matte paintings. The main task for VFX was to integrate on-set movement to devices for believability - involving complex tracking and fine roto to properly integrate future technologies.

Numerous scenes across the series involve sat navs, the technological nuances of which, and authenticity of the design had to uniquely reflect the make and model of each car. One scene features a futuristic interactive projected wall display - this went through dozens of design iterations in order to sell the idea of the technology of a premium device, elegant and clean looking whilst purposefully functional.

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