The Lazarus project

A blistering action-adventure thriller that follows the story of a man who realises he can jump back in time.​​

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George joins a special organisation of people who share his strange gift and use it to stop global crises but he goes rogue in a bid to save the woman he loves.


The series asks the question - if the power to rewrite your past was within your grasp, what would you sacrifice to get it?

Production Company
Urban Myth Films
Executive Producers
Joe Barton
Johnny Capps
Julian Murphy
Adam Knopf
Marco Kreuzpaintner
Akaash Meeda
Laura Scrivano
Post Production Supervisor
Liz Pearson
Visual Effects Supervisor
Michael Illingworth
CG Supervisor
Pedrom Dadgostar
Visual Effects Producer
Laura Usaite
Kaitlyn Beattie
Visual Effects Coordinator
Gabi Kaziukonyte
Visual Effects Coordinator
Tully Mead
Visual Effects Production Assistant
Celia Romyn
Visual Effects Editor
Katie Dose
Visual Effects Editorial Assistant
Oliver Cowan
Lead Compositor
Ole Aleksander Nordby
Alesja Surubkina
Suresh Ramasamy
Vadims Mirinovs
Georgi Nikolov
George Petkov
Karolina Jeromin
Galina Rankova
Ivan Grozev
Zafer Ercevik
Manny Mastropirro
Georghios Shiakallis
Dean Adjeikum
Milena Hristova
Manny Mastropirro
Richard Steenoven
Pan Vafeiadis
Sonny Pye
Tommaso Lunardi
Matt McKinney
Annie Rowland
Andy Howell
Eidy Knowles
Fatih Arikboga
Jake Newton
Steven Ryan Umanee
Digital Matte Painting
Doug Winder
Ben Wells