A New Dawn: Part One


Atlantis series 2, Ep1/13: Vine FX delivered 158 VFX shots for this episode, featuring an entirely CG battle scene, a flying dragon-like Harpie, and a Cyclops. The first of a two-part episode sees Ariadne as queen at war with her old adversary, Pasiphae.

As the kingdom stands on the brink of collapse, the struggle for power is both bloody and brutal. The battle for Atlantis has begun, and expansive CG battle scenes ensue.

Vine FX created the flying Harpie on whose back Medea leaps to escape Atlantis. The cityscape they soar across was a completely CG environment.

Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules escape Pasiphae’s men across a rope bridge, which Vine FX built in CG, and seek shelter in a cave. Pasiphae traps them in there with a cg rock fall, where they soon realise they are not alone. The mighty Cyclops is introduced at the end of the episode, picking up his club . . .

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